Engineering company in oil & gas sector

Development of basic and detailed engineering, pre-commissioning and commissioning, start-up, testing and inspections of facilities. Assistance to electro instrumental assembly

Specialists in engineering services

Fase Service is a reality that has always set itself as the main objective the best result for customers who rely on us to develop their projects.

For years, we’ve been engaged in the design, that allowed us, through a network of partnerships with leading companies, to achieve significant results in the field of multidisciplinary engineering, particularly in the Oil & Gas.

Fase Service is synonymous of flexibilityavailability, but at the same time professionalism. Our services are always designed to provide the best solutions to meet any type of customer request.

The activities we perform for the development of a project are based upon feasibility studies and technical – economic consultancy, that allow us to build a project based on a solid foundation since the beginning of the design, to develop later in design stages of basic and detailed engineering, commissioning, pre commissioning, until it reaches the start-up, testing and any verifications of the system.