Multidisciplinary Engineering in the industrial facilities, off-shore and on-shore

Fase Service since its inception has always developed basic engineering, detail and construction for the Electrical, Instrumental, Automation, Telecommunications, Fire and Security specialization, developing the following disciplines for the following years:

  • Plant running Atex and intrinsically safe (Ex-i)
  • Dangerous area classification in conformity with Atex
  • Engineering for process instrumentation
  • Instrumental Engineering for Skid and Package
  • Phone facilities, data transmission and public address
  • Fire and Gas systems, ESD and DCS
  • Remote control systems, remote management and telemetry
  • Industrial facilities (Off-shore, On-shore, Atex, nuclear, chemical, generation, cogeneration, water treatment)
  • Civil facilities (offices, shops, places of pubblic entertainment, hospitals, places at highest risk of fire)
  • Distribution network MV
  • Distribution network LV and direct current
  • Transformer substations MV/LV
  • Outdoor lighting systems, large areas, public lighting and architectural value of buildings/monuments
  • Normal lighting systems, emergency and security for internal
  • Fire detection systems, telephone, data transmission and building automation.


From some years, Fase Service has expanded its knowledge by including in its internal and external technicals staff of proven experience allowing it to offer a multidisciplinary engineering service by adding the following disciplines:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Piping engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Engineering with 3D modeling