Power switchboards, automation and industrial control

Calculation of temperature–rise limits, Calculation of short-circuit withstand, Power switchboards and automation. Switchboards type : single, modulars, ATEX and customized for special applications

Production of electrical power switchboards

The optimization of engineering and market needs, directed us towards the production of electrical switchboards and control. We are equipped to meet the demands of the customer, offering a complete service from engineering to construction, installation and testing. The design is the first stage to define the characteristics of the final product.

Through a meticulous collection of information aimed at creating the best possible product for our customer’s needs, and to a careful analysis in the engineering stage, we can provide a very exhaustively documentation:

  • Calculation of temperature-rise limits
  • Calculation of short-circuit withstand
  • Drawings of steel structures and lifting diagrams
  • Drawings disposal of technical equipment
  • Drawings of terminal and wiring diagrams
  • Synoptic drawings and interlock logic
  • Lists and specifications of equipment and materials
  • Single-lines diagrams, functional and stranded
  • Specifications of trials and testing
  • Study and drawings of front switchboards and equipment disposal

With the organization we have, we can perform various types of switchboards and services:

  • Power switchboards and automation as customer specification
  • Switchboards types: single, modular, ATEX and customized for special applications
  • Electromechanical Control Systems, PLC and PC, centralized and decentralized
  • Communications with local systems, remote and supervision
  • Implementation of human-machine interface system
  • Customizing the logic of working, with any machine and supervisory system

In addition our services also include the installation on filed, final testing and start-up, to give the full supply ready.